As a leading bathroom shower screen professional contractor in Singapore, we are continually improving our product portfolio in a bid to expand the range of glass solutions available to our clients. One of our latest inventions is glass shower screen with stainless steel frames. Manufactured and assembled to perfection while paying critical attention to detail, these types of framed glass shower screens are not only timeless and stylish but also durable and easy-to-maintain. Our glass design specialists here in Singapore can also customize a glass bath screen framed with stainless steel to suit your tastes, preferences or aesthetics requirements.

stainless steel shower screen

But Why Choose Bathroom Shower Screen with Stainless Steel?

1. Maximum Durability

The continuous, unbroken stainless steel frame provides unparalleled tensile strength to the entire structure. The means that the toughened glass underneath encased by the stainless steel has a less chance of splitting, breaking or cracking, even with accidental mishandling of the glass shower screen. Besides, stainless steel is virtually passive and can resist water corrosion or rust. The result is a highly durable bathroom glass door that can serve for decades.

2. Increased Safety

The stainless steel frame which line up the entire edge of the glass shower screen prevents accidental or gradual cracking of the delicate edges. Apart from enhancing the durability of the entire setting, it also promotes the safety of the users of the bathroom glass shower screen, particularly if you have small children.

3. Ease of Maintenance

It is relatively easy to clean or polish stainless steel framed glass shower screens than conventional ones. The superior strength and rigidity of the screen is thus coupled with an easy-to-maintain sophisticated finishing giving rise to a nice, architecturally-sturdy door that is both functional and attractive.

4. Deluxe and Minimalist

Our deluxe range of stainless steel framed glass shower screens feature a combination of beautiful toughened glass and a minimalist, elegant perimeter frame. The combination makes for an outstanding appearance coupled with ultimate practicality.

Having said that, quality without compromising on timeliness is the mantra we choose to adopt, and all our hand-crafted glass shower screens installation projects in Singapore are finished to an unparalleled perfection. Therefore, if you have a bathroom installation or renovation project that needs a bath screen, glass shower screen, or just a customized bathroom partition solution, we can provide a comprehensive service from the initial design to the final installation in your Singapore hotel, residential property, motel, condominium or office. Whether you need a single door glass shower screen with a stainless steel frame or a complete glass enclosure, we will readily work with you until completion to fulfill all your design requirements.

Experience Interspersed with Expertise

Experience and unquestionable expertise counts when choosing the best Singapore glass shower screen designer and installer of your bathroom enclosures. At times, there will be a need for a combination of various differently-shaped toughened glass pieces that will then have to be fit to an external moving door to come up with an excellent watertight unit. And if measured and fixed incorrectly, the shower screen with stainless steel frame might leak leaving you with the feeling that you made a costly mistake by not hiring a professional glass shower screen contractor in Singapore.