The glass shower screen with sliding door is one of the most stunning yet functional creations that we specialize and focus on. The entire assembly is made even better by its unequaled compatibility to fit into both full bathroom enclosures and smaller alcoves. As the name suggests, this revolutionary glass shower screen operates by sliding back-and-forth using rollers and an overlapping glass door width. One side of the screen slides inside of the other complimentary half of the screen, therefore, employing a simple and easy-to-maintain functionality without compromising on the entrance area. This is the perfect bathroom partition for those who would like to separate the dry and shower areas of their ablution areas seamlessly.
Glass Shower Screen with Sliding Door Singapore
Having said that, the need to make use of the services of a qualified, experienced, and dedicated Singapore contractor in such a setting can not be overstated. Having been in the industry for over ten years, we have developed and refined different glass sliding door mechanism to meet our clients’ needs.


Here is a quick primer on why our frame less glass shower screen with sliding door stand out.

1. Minimalist and Space Economical

Generally, sliding doors – especially glass shower screens – reduce the space needed to implement a bathroom partition. There represent an excellent way of subdividing your shower and dry areas of your ablution alcove without taking up unnecessary space. The minimalist approach that we take with our glass shower screens with sliding doors does not just save you valuable space but also gives the allure of vogue, style, and clinical organization. Combining modern elegance, flexibility, and durability, there is no doubt that our glass shower screens with sliding doors are the ideal solution for partitioning small bathrooms.


2. Functional and Easy-to-Clean

Our array of progressive Shower Screens with Sliding Doors make use very minimal metal and are almost virtually frame less. The result is a very easy to clean and maintain shower and bathroom recess that makes your cleaning regimen easier. What’s more, the sliding door arrangement effectively minimizes visual clutter in tight enclosures such as small bathrooms. We offer both options of having a single panel, perfect solution for tiny shower rooms, or the more expansive double sliding panels – an ideal accompaniment for double-ended bathrooms.


3. Complement your Interior Decor

As one of the leading glass shower screens designers in Singapore, we understand and recognize the importance of coming up with unique solutions that are not only functional but also blends in with your choice of interior decor. That’s the reason we are flexible enough to come up with a broad array of power coated or anodized finishes that can complement any decorative interior ensemble.


Practical Designs are Best Complemented with Competent Installation

Being the top glass shower screen contractor in Singapore implies that we have invested heavily in the skillfulness of our specialists to not only design but also install our clients’ bathroom partitions. We will take into careful consideration your particular tastes and preferences when coming up with the best frame less sliding doors for your property. Our products and glass door solutions are featured in countless hospitals, offices, condominiums, resorts, and hotels in and around Singapore.